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PAEW Plans New Water Projects in Oman

The Public Authority for Water (Diam) is planning to establish a string of new water projects that will cater to 17 wilayats in eight governorates. According to a statement from Diam, a total of 10,797 new facilities in various residential, commercial, industrial and government properties will benefit from the schemes under the new projects. There has been significant rise in the number of citizens applying for establishment of new network because of lack of water access in their respective areas. Most of them are still dependent on water tankers costing them more money, Diam said.


After processing the applications and follow-up by the members of Majlis Ashshura and the Municipal Council, Diam approved a number of applications to allow citizens to contribute to the cost of water networks. However, the problem was that the cost of water network extensions varies widely with some citizens paying thousands of rials while some others have abandoned the idea after their applications have been approved thereby making the rest to pay more fees. Those who withdrew the applications have reapplied for water connection for which they have decided not to contribute.


Diam said that a number of walis and members of Majlis Ashshura and the Municipal Council and citizens have stressed on the importance of applying the principle of fair contribution in water projects during the meeting. Diam is striving to obtain funds for the implementation of water network projects through bank loans in addition to the government’s allocations.


Besides, Diam will make use of funds collected from the citizens’ contributions to finance new water projects. Diam explained that the number of beneficiaries is estimated at 53,985 in the first phase of the projects with the second phase expected to be announced shortly. Diam has laid down an installment system to reduce the financial burden on residential subscribers whereby they can pay the amount spread over 70 months. Applicants in the commercial, industrial and government sectors are required to pay the full amount of the contribution at the time of water connection.


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