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Zagros Petchem Co to Build PSA Unit

Zagros Petrochemical Company has planned to build a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) unit with the aim of establishing projects to improve and reduce environmental pollutions and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


According to Zagros Petrochemical Company, based on the process plan of methanol production as the final product of this complex, hydrogen gas is one of the necessities and prerequisites of production, so PSA project implementation studies began in 2018 and the effect of hydrogen on the final product of the complex on the basis of laboratory tests was reviewed.


In studies conducted with the installation of a PSA package with a capacity of 15,000 standard cubic meters per hour, about 80 to 100 tons of methanol will be produced in the complex on a daily basis. The obtained results show that the recovery of gases sent to the flare stack will reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while improving the environmental performance indexes of the company.


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