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Iraq MoO Inaugurates Hydrogen Compression and Production Unit

In a move that is the first of its kind in Iraq, with national efforts and for research purposes, the Ministry of Oil (MoO) announced the opening of a hydrogen compression and production unit at the Petroleum Research and Development Centre.


The Advisor of Ministry for Energy Affairs, Abdulbaqi Khalaf, who inaugurated the unit on behalf of the Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, said this project is the first step for the ministry to join the global clean energy transition program.


The Advisor added that Iraq is committed to its commitments to reduce emissions and pollutants and to protect the environment and climate, noting the importance of meeting those commitments and of moving towards renewable energy and clean energy projects in order to keep up with the global trend towards clean and environmentally friendly energy, including Paris Agreement.


The Director of PRDC, Hilal Ali Ismail, said that the Ministry of Oil confirms its keenness to keep up with international developments regarding the production of hydrogen as one of the sources of energy. He pointed out that the Ministry has established the basic building blocks for renewable energy projects and gives great importance for increasing projects in this regard. He explained that work is going according to the plans for the implementation of a renewable energy project in the centre which aims to exploit solar energy as a source of electrical energy to feed laboratories, including the hydrogen production unit, to be produced by the unit kind of green hydrogen.


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