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RIL to Build India’s First and World’s Largest Carbon Fibre Plant

Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani in 45th AGM announced the company’s plan to build India’s 1st and World’s Largest Carbon Fibre Plant at Hazira, Gujarat. The plant will be developed as part of the company’s Oil to Chemical segment (O2C) in which RIL has committed an investment of Rs. 750 billion in the next five years. The development of India’s First Carbon Plant from the Industry Giant comes as part of their vision for new materials.


Also part of the agenda for Reliance is setting up of a 'world-scale' carbon fibre plant that will support its upcoming hydrogen and solar power ecosystems.


Carbon Fibre is a new-age material which has found multiple uses in industry and automotive sector. It is a lightweight but strong material with high conductivity and has been growing in demand as a substitute for steel in the automobile, construction and military sectors.


According to the details shared at Reliance Industries AGM, the carbon fibre plant would have a capacity of 20,000 MTPA based on Acrylonitrile feedstock. Being developed as part of the new materials division, the plant is expected to complete its first phase of production by 2025. To further enhance the business opportunities in this sector, RIL also plans to merge its composites business with Carbon Fibre to produce Carbon Fibre composites. The Carbon Fibre and Carbon Fibre Composites produced at its plant will be used to meet the rapidly growing lightweight requirements of the Mobility and Renewable Energy sector.


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